Nobody Wanted Abandoned Cat with Abnormality until Sanctuary for Odd Cats Saves Her

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Perhaps just as strong as our desire to birth cute, healthy, children with “10 little fingers and toes,” we want our pets to be adorable balls of fur. Yet just like humans, our pets can be born with traits and abnormalities of all kinds.

Most of us don’t think about it, but even our precious felines are subject to disabilities. Of course, we don’t wish abnormalities to negatively impact a pet’s life.

But chromosomal abnormalities can impact all living things. And in nature, extreme cases tend to prohibit life altogether.


Yet some blessed creatures with mild issues can survive and strike humans as cute and charming. It’s not hard to see why we just can’t resist some “special” traits.


Meet Maya the cat who was born with a chromosomal abnormality similar to Down syndrome in humans. She may have an atypical appearance, but she is healthy and able to enjoy an adventurous life.

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The cross-eyed feline was found abandoned behind a Chinese restaurant when she was just a kitten. She was taken to a shelter.

The playful ball of gray fur, however, was rejected by potential adoptive families. Unable to continue housing a cat no one seemed to want, the shelter had her scheduled to be put down.


That’s when the Odd Cat Sanctuary stepped in. Located in Massachusetts, its mission is to “focus on ferals, sick cats, senior cats, and the cats on death row,” according to its Facebook page.

The organization has the cats medically assessed and brings them up-to-date on any immunizations. They then facilitate foster care placements throughout Massachusetts until the cats can be adopted into loving and qualified forever homes.


There is little noticeably “wrong” with Maya other than her misaligned eyes. She does have vision issues and her flattened nose makes her prone to sneezing.

Unlike dogs who are praised for being the “ugliest,” people typically want their cats unblemished. If anything, they are allowed to have an irregular color pattern in their fur.


The Odd Cat Sanctuary didn’t give up on Maya and found her some loving owners. Moved by Maya’s story, they have dedicated an Instagram account to the shenanigans of this playful and charismatic cat with a personality the size of a football stadium.


Her new owner, Laura, learned that like all other cats, Maya is curious and likes chin scratches. She is sweet, silly, and loving.

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Not everyone has appearance expectations for the pets they welcome into their home. Organizations like The Odd Cat sanctuary collect special kitties in one place so that big-hearted individuals and families get the opportunity to connect with beautiful beings that the rest of society has dismissed as problematic.



Maya is simply one cute cat. It’s crazy to think that she would have been killed because no one wanted a cross-eyed kitty that sneezes a lot.

Knowing how much rejection she endured, it’s heartwarming to see how happy she is on her Instagram account which, at the time of this article, had nearly 60,000 followers. Fortunately, humans with loving hearts, like those at The Cat Sanctuary and adoptive cat parents, give cats like Maya a fighting chance.

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