Tightest golf course EVER!

[Music] you don’t wanna be alone by yourself he missed me when it’s getting me save me I knew I knew you liked me got it all beep save me I’m you like starting day two in Lisbon and it’s a scene which I’ve wanted to come to for months and time there’s only because well it’s meant to be a beautiful see they’re very good reports about it mine on those about me but I’ve really liked repeat in street art this is this is like this city for that so I’m excited to actually get around them explore that’s really excited as well as you can tell I’m hoping my enthusiasm will pull them through bull we need a coffee to begin with definitely need a coffee we’re working very late that’s like what is this stuff Pupkin time just touch the page something I better warm up I’m trying to get I’m trying to get some b-roll here fryer sorry just having a wander around see what Watson were playing at Els today which in about half hour away depending on traffic and then we’re also going to pride lr8 tomorrow so those are the two courses that are fitting that so that gives us two hours two hours to explore what I didn’t realize is an exceptionally hilly city good for the quads very good for the COTS [Music] never has a statue been so well owned but literally all the pavements like this we must have taken years years to life so this is a whole street of basically graffiti I throw some pictures out taping definitely to get one of these coming back up there is so so steep and I know that like art is subjective and stuff and I don’t really know that much about it but do really really really really like particularly like a big debate so this is the place that we’re in this morning as well the timeout market and it’s a nice a little bit different it’s absolutely Ram that it’s really cool so all around the sides it’s all food and drink outlets I’ve well this is for this a listen for this Algonquin some tuna you’ve got some pork belly and you might should stay away from there so very proud is this good George just good so we think in this tell me later Sam tell me exactly how it says right away big bitter tuna big bit of tuna right there so I fully recommend not coming here at all and I definitely definitely don’t recommend go into Miguel Lapham over there that definitely wasn’t leanest for the best view tuna I’ve ever had in my life in order to adapt news doctor I think I’ll get a little bit emotional and I am okay thanks head off the tube goal that was interesting as well we just tried to an economist about Portuguese history and here to tell about where where we are staying back in Estoril where he lives as well yeah it was like he was speaking to us it was speaking to us like we were his intellectual equal and we were just nodding and laughing in the rid of the right boy that was good that was really good okay let’s go play golf hopefully in the right Jorge doing a fine job again guessing goes around we’ve arrived at Baris and it looks very very very nice indeed it’s a beautiful looking clubhouse I saw a couple of the holes coming in and it looked very tight and probably probably not ideally suited for my game at the moment definitely suited for Sam’s who are the driving range out of that a little bit of loosen up the first tee is over there somewhere proud of this place held the senior open a few years ago the clubhouse is very very nice it has to be so pretty loads of building work going on around the course it looks like as well so how’s it going up must be a popular spot the course deluxe what’s your name fella what’s your name aha look at him are you coming out with us John jump in [Music] [Music] just gonna cut the corner nicely that they come down left of the trees that is perfect okay days dawn course vlog is complete and we have an absolute blast down here really really enjoyed the course especially this first kind of six to seven holes just absolutely fantastic like really really good rest of the course was good but just those first few really kind of caught my eye caught my attention I was really impressed with them and now I’m gonna go back I’m gonna get this edited might watch the Liverpool game tonight as well possibly if we’ve got time but I think the one thing we do want to do is get some food because I am peckish oh it’s looking good today you need to get this room packed up and need to leave also need to quickly edit in a black 2 video what to do this morning and then we’re heading out to sintra which I cannot cannot wait to see it’s a beautiful looking place and then we’re gonna go play prowl del Rey and then we’re gonna have one last evening here it’s been an awesome trip so far can’t wait to continue so guys thank you so much for watching don’t call thank you so much for having us as well Hotel policia thank you so much having goes down another thing I’m not done is a room tour and I’ll do that in the next video and I look at the hotel talk really really nice here so guys thank you so so much for watching make sure you subscribe to channel if you haven’t already follow me on my other social media platforms as well and make sure you subscribe to Sam and Matt as well as Ben great great company they’ve got videos coming out from this week as well it’s gonna be yours right see you next time

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