Tiger Woods’ Best Golf Shots 2018 Masters Tournament

it’s an easier driving home well you certainly can tell if he hits it well or not that little spin of the club there’s a little sauce at the end it’ll give away yeah moments happen on the course here Tiger on 17 [Applause] that’ll do right in the middle perfect shape off the tee long 4-under in third Tiger second at six very delicate pitch [Applause] likes it left side that’s cool shows [Applause] [Music] carry it with the breeze be and how did he get it to 19 yards from the first green Tiger going high with his third here at eight Tiger for bar just keep it moving let’s move I think that a little bit of to an unplayable situation we saw Matt 9 come up short just been knocked down fates but the difference between the flagstick and that’s good that’s what he was in that get this on the grain special a nurse there’s no real death perception well you’ve got a land pretty soup or that one could be even higher than Marc Leishman ‘s was wind has been pushing the golf balls up into the area at the corner of the dogleg into the pine straw very smart play that ball should sit down you have the water short you know if you hit a little bit long as we just saw a moment ago it’s just you got to be spot-on as I said 214 tonight they’re from 139 back to the green and that whip drift beam to get down this could catch the slope now it’s going to run over the green in our Familia solid finish and while loves it [Applause] while he waits for 117 for a second similar shape shot needed for tiger [Applause] who comes to the 18th and for over and better find the way to his amusingly the slope just gets it he made bogey at 1 and then this tee shot at the 6th [Music] good one at the 12th and make good pours after taking the drop pitch it up in here get it up and down four fours but today it has a different story and I’ll make the birdie plentiful but 16 that is not an easy flagstick to find the frontline hauler didn’t deter him too much he shot again 5-under now this is Tiger early round action meeting the birdie teach on it for look at that hop over the hole the first three rounds we weren’t just way back into the fairway this from 223 trying to hoist it high in the air and that is nicely done there you have it this time a lovely drive up here 1:51 ii sit there that’s the ideal place very makable can be quite aggressive with this one well if he can par the last the spinal horn he’s worked at all the way back to even [Applause] it was open the tremendous start and they come back with what he did flirting with a couple of tournaments but where is he now after what you’ve seen this week at Augusta well unfortunately I prayed

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