Skinny Girl Lydia Ko’s Best Golf Shots 2018 MEDIHEAL Championship LPGA Tournament

above her feet that looked like she landed it just about where she wanted to it was on the right-hand side that really only caught bad drives and the drives of higher handicap players good-looking tee shot down the right side for Lydia B after she proved a perfectly decent swing with Ledbetter I know that’s controversial to say because most people think it’s it wasn’t as good I think phylidia is very functional and I think it works quite well it’s going to be on the faster side putting slightly downhill she rammed that one in with authority I’m not sure she needs to do it unless well she hammered that one you Karen she really got it low and rolling my goodness that was impressive this is always played one of the hardest part for is always back into the wind the back nine Karen a stroke tougher in the front Hajduk oh it gets a little chilly late in the day and with the cold air this this hole playing a good club club and a half longer that was a little 7-iron jessica kurta atop the leaderboard could Lydia ko joined them at minus 8 at 6 Lydia ko is really through good moving you’ll get a better tea shot if you can challenge the right-hand side take it down the right center and whenever anything wrong with dead center we went off the air yesterday and she’s birdie dick Tom was the 18 as they changed the nines this year always been part of what he parries life right now coming off the uphill lie [Applause] these greens very well very close to the front lip because that great bunker is removed it but you don’t have to worry about that couple of changes since the LPGA last played here hide for the weed a very straightforward chip and run shot plenty green to work with did he co on the tee yes just a straight away par-5 big thing is avoiding the bunkers on the Left what she does with ease really tough good lie but hardly any green to work with 20 yards overall no green no problem for Lydia ko that just is so good at setting in : this one is 42 yards Lydia coming in with her 22 degree hybrid much easier hole location at the front and she takes an image of it having any hits at impact kind of like that are out she [Applause] a stroke over par Lydia ko second at seventh now it was just a little pitching wedge that she gripped down on trying to control it beautifully than this for birdie swinging left a lot important really important for Lydia ko to make that putt follow the line of the divot ball just has to catch the ball first it’s gonna come in very low like that it’s gonna be good really good the bounce left hop up and check your spin on it [Applause] I did have plenty spin Jim 2-8 Lydia ko tea shop I was gonna be just fine left center of the fairway nicely struck [Applause] that was a good-looking swing playing little fade on the wind and a great line that was an aggressive well I started left of the green shading back nicely that’s just fading with the dogleg of the fairway nicely run on down to the bottom of the hill up till absolutely agree with which to work she could basically do anything she wants here and there was a time where this would be inside a foot or two every time down wind that’s excellent line right there it’s just a little rights nice bounce that close the hole they’ll say bomb to drive down the middle this one this down the left-center is gonna be just fine how would you say this new swing is holding up and up the middle of the camera tower just just right of the hole pretty much right at the hole she’s pulled a lot of shots when she’s missing today that’s over it that’s on a good line just right of the hole if it gets there [Applause] if it’s him she will [Applause] and it’s hi it’s gonna clear the tree the lines good if it gets up there needs a bounce you got it it got a great bounce she’s the lady of the lake [Applause]

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