Best Golf Shots of the Year (so far) | Best of 2018

Dunning bunker shots was after has played it rather rather rather nicely what a way to finish you should come back and run back to his feet now can he believe that now that is a shot that night just win him this torment [Applause] that’s Dustin Johnson at nine there’s more intense right at it oh yeah good shot oh there we go [Applause] [Music] more than playable isn’t this the most ridiculous game be told then the child this could go there you go there you go Diego to who L done Messi to make a birdie today he throws it high up on the hill watch this one come back watch this one picking up speed [Music] oh there’s your hole out steve says there you go Gary pop you just had to play it the right way [Music] did he do it then go it’s just a 9-iron 157 yards did he do it yes he did not special at all in one at the quarry [Music] [Applause] it’s that left corner so there’s no reason to really think about the water think about a11 happy days [Applause]

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